by Non-Stop Girls

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recorded august 13, 15, 16 2012. written and recorded by non-stop girls. cover art by joel french. layout by patrick mccormack.


released December 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Non-Stop Girls Toronto, Ontario

three guys playing rock n roll really loud and fast.

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Track Name: all I need
I need some blintzes to paint my fence I need a hundred quid for twenty pence I need a fallout shelter to run and hide I need a garden hose to slip and slide I need a lot of things and that's all I need I need some grenadine to get a rush I need an ace of spade for my straight flush I need some chemicals to start my life I need salvation to end my life
Track Name: surfin FLQ
I'm gonna ride on a Saturday night through the wall of a church and I'm gonna let the gods crash through the walls get em out of the lurch and I don't want to be a victim I just want to be a man I'm gonna run outside gonna hit my stride at three fifths of a mile I gotta get away got nothing to say but blasphemy and I just wanna surf I'm gonna liberate gonna separate my laundry I'm gonna study French gonna hit the bench and press a thousand reps
Track Name: you've got bad ideas
you look pretty in pictures but you're hiding things you never seemed so vicious but your heart it stings are you going my way I'm going insane where's your satisfaction for controlling my brain you've got bad ideas you make silly names you give me nothing I need with your silly games I don't wanna be wrong but my mind ain't strong and your worthless thoughts just don't belong do you feel alright I figured you might just cracking jokes til your audience jokes keep spitting bile from the bottom of the pile I get nothing from what you write
Track Name: I don't know (I'm too slow)
why leave hanging on the telephone why get used to that dial tone I don't know I'm too slow why get my feet dancing on the floor when you won't walk back through that door why bother having such a party time why bother when I know you won't be mine
Track Name: I think you're lying
well I keep screwing up and you still keep me around you keep on promising to leave and I keep bringing you down how many times have you said you're gonna leave me how many times have you left me I think you're lying but I don't know how many times were you gonna let me go how many times but you won't let me go
Track Name: no one else
darling please don't stop loving me I've got no one else I've got no friends I've got no money I've got no life and it don't feel funny I'm on a wire I'm on the line I'm suicidal and it don't feel fine
Track Name: going going vegan
I've opened all of my tins I've thrown out all of my snacks I've wasted everything good I'm going going vegan you're laughing because I can't eat things that are tasty and sweet that come from cans or in packs I'm working out every day I'm stronger in every way I'm feeling sadder than you
Track Name: I've got a love
I've got a love in my heart it's tearing me apart I've got a love in my brain it's driving me insane and every time I touch your heart or see you with another guy it makes me want to run and hide and every time I fall in love or see you on the other side it makes me want to run and hide
Track Name: fuss
don't want to see me kicking up a fuss you've gotta let us out you gotta scream and shout we gotta know what it's all about
Track Name: the fresh prince of nowhere
I've lost my mind I'm never on time I've gotta leave it on the shelf I've lost my sense of self aaaahh I've got no soul no self-control wasted my potential inconsequential I'm on death row with what I sow I never reap stuck in the heap I call my life
Track Name: little miss you
little miss you I've got a feeling you're getting closer than you know I'm getting further from my life when I think about I feel your heart and I just want to fall apart I feel your heart and I get a kickstart little miss you can you feel it we've got a distance it's getting smaller and smaller yeah yeah it's getting more and more real when I think about you and I can't pull the thread of what's inside my head little miss you I've got a feeling we're getting closer than we know
Track Name: stinkeye
you've gotta sit now you've gotta tell me all about your day now you've gotta tell me all your problems and I'll make them all go away now because I don't wanna see your stinkeye you've gotta crawl into bed you've got tell me what I'm doing wrong until you're red you've gotta tell me all the things that make me so inadequate and make it quick
Track Name: eastern standard time
don't wanna get hit don't wanna get lit don't wanna get raped under my bed I'm working on eastern standard time auf wiedersehen off with his head off work off pills off prison kicking back with the ghosts inside my head talking in German they're planning they're escape I'm cramming them in cramming them back in I want to start a fire throw chicks on the pile gonna barbeque inside my bed
Track Name: dream blues
I've got a dream it's running through my head I've gotta psychoanalyze it until I'm dead and if I ever get out you know I'll file it right under the bed I've got a morbid fascination with keeping myself spoonfed