by Non-Stop Girls

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released March 21, 2014

recorded august 13, 15, 16 2012. written and recorded by non-stop girls. cover art by patrick mccormack.



all rights reserved


Non-Stop Girls Toronto, Ontario

three guys playing rock n roll really loud and fast.

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Track Name: knoxville tennessee
you got married in a scarlet fever and your kid is sitting deaf dumb and blind in a crib i'll just waste away in the desert gonna set my coffin on fire why go down to reno or to memphis holding up in knoxville tennessee got my car on blocks in the yard serving up kids in my sister's grits
Track Name: see what happens
you never get a night alone you find a man to throw a bone you've got some whips and you've got some chains come on and tie her to the bed and see what happens you're such a bitch you got the itch i'm getting sick of you wish and i'll get happy just wearing you out i'm gonna tie you to the bed and see what happens i'm going nuts with no guts it's so easy when i'm sleazy and i don't care if you squirm or squeal i'm gonna tie you to the bed and see what happens
Track Name: thanks a million
see you living your lies wearing your disguise got your head in your hand knowing i ain't your man thanks a million for wasting my time i've got to find out how to get you then i've gotta get you out of my mind yeah you never talk looking fine when you walk you say that i'm to blame and it ain't a shame you've been singing your song for far too long and i don't wanna begin to take it on the chin
Track Name: you work too much
you're up at seven and you barely sleep you've got an interest rate it's way too steep and you work too muchyou're late again you overslept you stayed inside your cubicle and wept you're clockwatching and you're doing time you're gonna get it gotta get it because you'll never be fine your situation is so depressing you're sacrificing and you're stressing
Track Name: dodgeball
i'll take a ball and dodge it in one place i don't think i see another way
Track Name: gasoline and vaseline
i get away with everything and i get away with nothing all my friends are on gasoline and vaseline and fucking up they dig on cheap thrills and i don't get a mention they suck back dynamite pills and i don't get a mention
Track Name: van
you've got your rhythm go get a life you've brought your friends and they're a pain and i want out of this van i'm going mental and you don't care i'm in the back seat don't stop and stare just shut me out
Track Name: done with unemployment
what a waste my life's become i don't know where i'm going i'm going down a one way done with unemployment with all the deadbeats done with unemployment and i'm dead on my feet got a reason to die got a reason don't have to say why got a plane and a gun to make it fly crash one jam the other sucking at life i'm doing it right won't say it again i'm lying on the table under the knife thirty bucks cut me open
Track Name: no love
no love always gotta get it always think i see it never gonna find it oh you think you got me oh you'll never get me oh i can't be gotten you're giving up on me don't give up on me
Track Name: inside of you
i've found a way to tear a hole inside of us inside of you i've found a way to explode i've found a way to kill a dream i've found a way to be complacent i've found a way to lay in ruins i've found no absolution i've found no hope inside of us inside of you
Track Name: too much about fun
i don't think and i don't know too much about fun yeah
Track Name: i'm repellant
got a ticket to the show gotta get a window seat to see you go down with me siphoning gasoline sipping it with coffee i'm a rocket i'm a ship out to sea sticking to you like a sucker why get away from me i'm repellant
Track Name: when I get old
i got sunshine and you're happy i shrug my shoulders you get sappy you got your troubles i got mine but we will never ever run in time if you could see me writing a letter you'd think the distance was so much better don't want to think that you are my saving grace but all i want is to get out of this place you got darkness i gotta live it you got lovin i gotta give it you got a sickness for me to hold i gotta run away when i get old